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Evo Hosting נוסד בשנה 2004 ש מספר שנים 14 העסק פעיל

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UK Web Hosting, Web Hosting UK, Web Hosting

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UK Web Hosting services for personal/business UK hosting. Evohosting offers a full range of web hosting UK services.

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evohost. evohosted

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EVO HOSTING 40 Laburnham Road 1 Maidenhead Greater London SL6 4DE United Kingdom

Evo hostingהצוות עונה על שאלות

  • איזה הבטחת החזר כספי אתה מציע?
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, minus the price of any domain registration or transfer.
  • מה הוא הזמן הממוצע?
    We say 99.9% uptime but we've had 100% uptime across all the servers for months. I attach a graph, there's a space in there where the monitoring company in the US couldn't talk to the server, however everything has been fine - you can see 200+ days on that box, that's the one you're most likely to be put on by the billing system. We actually blog any issue that is longer than 5mins but we've just not had anything go wrong across any of the 8 servers for ages now, which is always nice.
  • מה הוא זמן התגובה של התמיכה שלך ומה הוא מכסה?
    We offer support on your hosting account and on the servers, we don't offer coding help or assistance developing your site. We offer 24x7x365 tech support, billing department is 9am - 6pm 7 days a week but I'm working overtime.
  • האם יש לך קופונים עבור הנחה.?
    If you look around the site you'll see some special offers :)
  • מה עוד אפשר לומר על החברה ועל שירותיה?
    I originally called the company Evohosting as I wanted to Evolve the ropey web hosting services offered by other companies.. We like to always know our customers and provide personal support where possible :) During office hours, myself and colleagues are on MSN quite often. We also only use Dell Dual Quad Core servers and Cisco hardware, unlike the other hosts who are running on essentially home made servers!

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