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Po Box Internet נוסד בשנה 2004 ש מספר שנים 14 העסק פעיל

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POBOX Internet - Secure Webhosting and Email Solutions

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POBOXInternet Main Website, Solutions for Internet Access, Broadband, Email Accounts, Web Hosting, Virtual Hosting and Web Services. Details Support guides and solutions

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POBOX 458 Abbotskerswell Newton Abbot Devon TQ12 9FG England Telephone: 01626 323590 Fax: 01626 323591

Po box internetהצוות עונה על שאלות

  • איזה הבטחת החזר כספי אתה מציע?
    There are currently no money back guarantees on the accounts. But we do offer monthly hosting payments with no contract, so if you choose to leave there's no contract to buy out with only the minimum spent.
  • מה הוא הזמן הממוצע?
    We have a status grid on the home page but it only really details how many services are running at once. We don't tend to have any major downtime for the entire service, this only happens if we need to do maintenance on the router. Other individual services if they slow down or run into trouble due to dos attacks are aimed to be sorted within the hour, but it some times can run over due to the severity. Services are also split up, ie 6 web servers / 2 smtp servers etc so there's not reallyl a time when everything is off line. We have monitoring systems to let us know if any services are having problems.
  • מה הוא זמן התגובה של התמיכה שלך ומה הוא מכסה?
    We have phone support and email support. Phone support (save for busy lines) is straight away, email support, within the day, within the hour. Out of hours support by email is also available.

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