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Simple By Design נוסד בשנה 2006 ש מספר שנים 12 העסק פעיל

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106 Balland Field Willingham Cambridge CB24 5JU United Kingdom

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  • איזה הבטחת החזר כספי אתה מציע?
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our web hosting packages, and starts the day your services start - this excludes the cost of the domain whether a transfer or new registration, dedicated servers which are yearly only and MSSQL databases with are paid monthly. We also offer a Price Freeze Guarantee, the price you start paying for your package is the price you continue to pay even if the price increases.
  • מה הוא הזמן הממוצע?
    Our average uptime is 99% though most months its 100% for the majority of sites, you can find our status page here http://www.webhostingstatus.com/, it lists any issues along with information about upcoming maintenance etc.
  • מה הוא זמן התגובה של התמיכה שלך ומה הוא מכסה?
    We offer support ticket and email support in general and aim to respond within 4 hours of receiving the email - though in the majority of cases we respond and answer much quicker. You also have access within the control panel an extensive knowledge base which hopefully will answer quite a few questions. Our main support is in relation to the hosting side of your site, if you have a question about installing software and configuration we'll happily help. We can and have done in the past offered help to our customers with site related questions - really it depends upon the type of question, if it is can you do this for me? Then we probably can but it'll be as a charged service, we have done this in the past for a few customers and ended up working with them to redesign the site. If the question is more coderelated, I.e how do I do this in CSS etc, then if its not to complex a question we will generally try to help - or at least point you to sources on the web that will help.
  • האם יש לך קופונים עבור הנחה.?
    I can offer you discount on yearly packages depending upon which one you gofor, naturally the more expensive you go for the greater the discount I am able to give. As you are after two sites depending upon the package I can possibly give you up to 50% on the second site - but would need to know about your sites.
  • מה עוד אפשר לומר על החברה ועל שירותיה?
    We've been operating since September 2006 and originally started to get web hosting as we wanted it with the features we needed as at that time we had a few clients and friends after websites and it seemed the natural path to follow. Since then we have increased the types of domains we offer, the features included with our packages and the availability of Microsoft windows servers - which when we first introduced had an extra monthly subscription fee, and now we offer them free the same as our Linux servers, you only pay for the MSSQL database if required.

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