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Ukfast נוסד בשנה 1999 ש מספר שנים 19 העסק פעיל

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Dedicated server & dedicated hosting, UKFast best hosting provider

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Hosting provider UKFast offers dedicated servers and dedicated hosting solutions on Windows and Linux for business needs.

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UKFast.Net Ltd City Tower Piccadilly Plaza Manchester M1 4BT 0800 954 8223

Ukfastהצוות עונה על שאלות

  • מה הוא הזמן הממוצע?
    With our Business Continuity Platform we can guarantee 100% uptime. With PROProtection the uptime of your solution will be proactively monitored and you can check the full status of your accounts through the client area on our website.
  • מה הוא זמן התגובה של התמיכה שלך ומה הוא מכסה?
    Our SLA gives a guarantee of ‘three rings and you’re in’ to a level 3 technical engineer 24/7/365. We also provide a one-hour hardware replacement guarantee. We can offer web development services, but only to very large scale projects. The support we can give for hosting is second to none and we offer scalable solutions that can grow as your business grows.
  • מה עוד אפשר לומר על החברה ועל שירותיה?
    UKFast was established ten years ago by a husband and wife team Lawrence and Gail Jones; they as well had a terrible experience with hosting and decided to go into hosting themselves. Since then, UKFast has doubled in size each year and now host for the likes of Barclays and Experian. Our aim is to help our clients grow and build mutually beneficial relationships; we are only successful because our clients are.

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